Creating a Chippy Finish with Wise Owl Paint

I have been wanting to create a tutorial for y’all on how to create this it is!


Here is how you would do it!

Supplies needed:

Step 1: Apply a mix of chocolate and republic red with the Cling On O40 with a stumping affect-this is where you bounce the brush up and down. You will see the paint form peaks.

 Step 2:  Apply copper glaze using the same technique as step 1

Step 3:  Apply Vaseline to areas where you do not want the paint to cover. This is the secret weapon for the chippy affect.  I usually apply it around edges and corners of the legs to give it that aged look.

Step 4:  Apply stencil as desired with joint compound.  Let it dry

Step 5:  Apply vintage duck egg, bone, and antique villa with the stumping techniques. Let the paint dry

Step 6: Wipe back the Vaseline

Step 7.  Apply varnish all over the piece

Step 8: Apply dark walnut glaze and wipe back 

Step 9:  Apply final coat of varnish to seal the whole piece!

Let me know if you have any questions!  Happy Painting!!!



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