DIY Faux Wood Graining

Ever had a surface where you wanted a wood grain look but didn’t know to create it?

I’ve created a quick simple way to get this look.

What did I use?

Wise Owl Paint White Primer
Wise Owl Paint Snow Owl One Hour Enamel
Wise Owl Paint Driftwood Glaze
Wood Graining Tool-found on Amazon-in the link below.

Step 1. I cleaned and primed the surface I chose to use the OHE because I didn’t need to apply a top coat. When working with glaze you will need to be sure to work over a sealed surface.

Step 2: Applied OHE with a ClingOn S50

Step 3: I used the wood graining tool with the Driftwood glaze. I started at one end of the board and worked by way slowly towards to other end. The secret to this is to work in sections and when using the wood graining tool “wiggle” the tool back and forth to create the grain. With each section, alternate the tool to create different grains. See the below video on how I did this. After a couple of passes be sure to wipe off excess glaze off the wood grain tool. You will have a little play time with the glaze so If you dont like the way an area looks be sure to pass the tool again through that area.

Step 4. Seal the surface. I used Wise Owl Varnish.

See the video below to see how I created the actual look.

There are endless color combinations you can do with this. Peppercorn OHE with Dark Walnut glaze, Smokey Quartz OHE with White Wash glaze. Or maybe Jet Black OHE with White Wash or Gold glaze.

Like always, feel free to contact me via my website or Facebook messenger if you have any questions.

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