Wise Owl Salve and its All Purpose Super Power Uses

When buying a product I always ask myself, "Is there any other way I can use this product?" One product that I can say that is “all purpose” is Wise Owl Paint Salve. If you haven't tried it you must try it. Let's talk about what salve is made from. There are a few simple ingredients that this salve is made up of and all that can be recognized: Hemp Seed Oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, coconut oil, and essential oil (this is what gives the salve the best smell ever!). 

Here are some of the many uses of salve.
*I have added some photos from my fellow Wise Owl Retailers!

Furniture/Wood Conditioner 
Salve is a great furniture conditioner for any of your antique and vintage pieces or even the newer pieces that need a little bit of refreshing.  I use it as a furniture polish about once a month.  Bonus: My house smells great for over a week. My favorite scents are Foxtrot and Black Sea.  Need something for your butcher blocks? The clear salve is great for this.

*picture from Apple Blossom Way

*picture rom Shangrila Lane
Front Door

Leather Conditioner 

Salve is great for conditioning leather.  This means you can use it on your car leather, sofas, leather boots and purses.  

*picture from Wise Owl Paint

Sealing Furniture
Salve can be used as an alternative to furniture wax and is much easier to apply.

Stainless Steel
Salve can be used on your kitchen appliances.  Lemon Verbena is my favorite for this.  It leaves everything smelling fresh and clean.

I use Lemon Verbena salve to condition my granite.   

Do you have outdoor furniture that needs to be conditioned?  Salve can help with that.

*picture from Cotton Chaos & Co.

I have dry skin and coarse hair.  To help remedy this I use salve.

Body of cars/Fiberglass
Older cars have faded paint.  Salve can make it look better than what it was before.

*picture from Apple Blossom Way

Car Headlights
Have an old car that has headlights that are yellowed out?  You can apply salve and buff out the headlights to get them looking new again.

Put salve on your air filters or on top of your room fans to create a natal deodorizer. For air filters I put a little on a piece of cardboard and attach it to the air filter.  
I do this a lot: I use salve to deodorize and condition the inside of my dressers regardless of the age.  Not only does it refresh’s the drawers it leaves a great refreshing smell for weeks to come. 

I would recommend using Wise Owl Paint 2 inch palm brush.  Why? It makes application easier, especially for high surface areas.

What are you waiting for!? Get yourself some salve! And what scent will you pick?
My top favorite: Black Sea and Foxtrot(this one is new and its extra yummy)

You can purchase some at https://acubedart.com/collections/salve-and-waxes along with my favorite salve application brush https://acubedart.com/collections/brush/products/1-5-round

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message!




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