Why and How you need to Prep Furniture

Why prep or prime?

I’m going to be honest I hate prepping but it HAS to be done. There is tons of companies out there that say that you don’t need to prep before you paint.  I don’t care what they say...you HAVE TO PREP before you paint. Just think about it! Over time all the vintage/antique pieces have had some kind of lacquer, varnish, oil or wax that has been put on it.  If the surface is sleek, dirty, or has a finish the paint can’t adhere to it.  So, to ensue long lasting adhesion prep should be done!

What do you need for prepping?

I use Krud Kutter and an SOS sponge.

120/220 grit sandpaper


Lots of paper towels or rags

I usually start of just cleaning the piece with Krud Kutter and I scrub it with the SOS pad.  You can also use TSP or any degreaser that can be found at the hardware store. I’ll then wipe it down and keep going till all residue on the piece is gone.  After that, I wash the piece down with water. Make sure all the degreaser is taken off.

If the piece is quite old or the finish is chipping back, I recommend sanding the piece down with the 220 grit sandpaper to ensure an even surface.  To speed things along I use an orbital sander.

After sanding make sure the piece I s clean of debris.

When and Why should one use Wise Owl Primer
If the piece is made out of wood and has a red undertone like mahogany you will have to prime. Red woods have a tendency to have tannin bleed through. The primer will block that.

I prime all my pieces to ensure adherence on metal, glass and laminate surfaces. I also use the primer before using Wise Owls One Hour Enamel.

Wise Owl carries 3 different types of primes (white, gray, and clear). I pick the white primer for light colors, grey primer for the and dark colors, and clear if I am wanting to distress the piece.  Primer is also great for reducing the about of paint you use.  On raw wood if a piece has not been primed the first coat of paint is usually absorbed into the wood.

After prepping the real fun starts-its time to PAINT!


Here is a video on Facebook where I show how the importance of prep.



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