Bubblegum Yum Plaid Transfer

Bubblegum Yum Plaid Transfer

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2 sheets of 13x19 transfers.

How to Apply Bubblegum Yum Transfers

Step 1:  Seal your piece with a water based top coat

For the best results we recommend that a topcoat be applied.  Be sure to let the top coat fully dry before applying the transfer.

Step 2: With the plastic backing place the transfer in the desired area.

Step 2: Cut the transfer if needed

Step 3: gently Remove the backing and place the transfer in the desired area.  if you are on a large area we recommend that you tape down corners.

Step 4: Working from top to bottom, rub the design using a firm tool such as a plastic putty knife, card, or any small hard tool.  peel away the clear plastic/top sheet slowly after rubbing.  if any part of the transfer hasn’t adhered properly replace the clear plastic and keep rubbing and lift away.

step 5:  Once the entire design has been transferred seal your project with a water based topcoat.

Congratulations!  You now have a custom piece of your own!



Our very first Bubblegum Yum transfer made just for you so you can create your very own plaid art.

What's  included: 2 sheets of 13x19 transfers.