Dare to Dream

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Bubblegum Yum rice paper comes with detailed instructions.  We also have instructions in our blog, Daily Blow, that can be found on our website.

We offer 2 standard sizes:

11”x 11” and 22”x 22”

Do you need a custom size to fit your project? We can help with that. Please send all inquiries to bubblegumyumprints@gmail.com



Bubblegum Yum only uses original art in its rice papers, solely for the purpose of allowing customers to create and own a one-of-a-kind. We throw open the doors of the art world to anyone who wishes to enter, giving customers the confidence to say, “yes, I am an artist.”

We have partnered up with some very talented artists and they have created some beautiful pieces.

This one was created by Malgorzata Miroslaw from Chameleon's House You can find out more about this artist in our “About” section on our website.